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Our Services & Scope

The Company's core service offerings include:

 RF Network planning and optimization turnkey
 Task based jobs (e.g. drive tests, microwave scanning, site audit, benchmarking)
 Man-month consulting (RF, IP/Core, OSS, BSS, Transmission, TI)

Eximius offers its turnkey and task based services predominantly in the APAC, Middle East, Greater China and India regions. Man-month consulting is offered worldwide.

We have a pool of dedicated engineers of different skill sets in WiMAX, HSPA, WCDMA, UMTS, EGSM, 2G areas of :-

i. RF Design (Indoor & Outdoor)
ii. Project management (RF related, Network Deployment, Microwave)
iii. RF related (site survey, drive testing, optimization, RF analysis)
iv. Core related (IP network, Core network)
v. Support and Maintenance
vi. Installation, testing and commissioning engineers (for Node Bs, BTS, Microwave)
vii. Specific related skills for vendors (BSC, OSS, RIC,RNC, BSS engineers)
viii. Others of software upgrades, change deliveries, troubleshooting, customer training, customer interface, test bed configuration, network performance monitoring